• 30X30X18 Henryetta, OK.
    30X30X18 Henryetta, OK.
  • 40X50X12 McAlester, OK.
    40X50X12 McAlester, OK.
  • 40X60X15 Watonga , Ok,
    40X60X15 Watonga , Ok,
  • 30x50x10 Hunter, ok.
    30x50x10 Hunter, ok.
  • 30x50x10 Bixby, Ok.
    30x50x10 Bixby, Ok.
  • 30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
    30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
  • 30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
    30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
  • 30X50X13 Lexington. Ok.
    30X50X13 Lexington. Ok.
  • 30x50x10 Union Star, Mo.
    30x50x10 Union Star, Mo.
  • 30x40x12 Owasso, Ok.
    30x40x12 Owasso, Ok.
  • 30x50x13 Duncan, Ok.
    30x50x13 Duncan, Ok.
  • 36x120x12 Augusta, Ks.
    36x120x12 Augusta, Ks.
  • 40X50X14 New Castle, OK.
    40X50X14 New Castle, OK.
  • 30x50x10 Bixby, Ok.
    30x50x10 Bixby, Ok.
  • 30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
    30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
  • 15x30x14 Muskogee, Ok.
    15x30x14 Muskogee, Ok.
  • 60X60X16 Lawton, Ok.
    60X60X16 Lawton, Ok.
  • 30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
    30X60X12 Sapulpa, Ok.
  • 30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
    30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
  • 30x40x12 Rose, OK
    30x40x12 Rose, OK
  • 30X50X13 Lexington. Ok.
    30X50X13 Lexington. Ok.
  • 40x90x12 Barndominium, Fritch, TX.
    40x90x12 Barndominium, Fritch, TX.
  • 30X50X12 Amarillo, TX
    30X50X12 Amarillo, TX
  • 30x50x10 Liberty-Mounds, Ok
    30x50x10 Liberty-Mounds, Ok
  • 30x40x12 Owasso, Ok.
    30x40x12 Owasso, Ok.
  • 30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
    30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
  • 30X40X12 Richmond, KS.
    30X40X12 Richmond, KS.
  • 30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
    30x60x12 Muskogee, Ok.
  • 30X50X12 Amarillo, TX.
    30X50X12 Amarillo, TX.
  • 30X50X12 Okay, OK.
    30X50X12 Okay, OK.
  • 30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
    30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
  • 30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
    30X60X13 Midland, Tx.
  • 30X50X12 New Castle, OK.
    30X50X12 New Castle, OK.
  • 30X30X18 Henryetta, OK.
    30X30X18 Henryetta, OK.

Our Company

Our Company (7)

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

It is Legacy Barn Company, LLC.'s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and otherwise make use of personal information. We have outlined our privacy policy below.

We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.

Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.

We will collect and use personal information solely for fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other ancillary purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.

Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

We will protect personal information by using reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

We will only retain personal information for as long as necessary for the fulfilment of those purposes.

We will never sell or trade your information.

We will never give out you personal information with out your permission. 

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. Legacy Barn Company, LLC. may change this privacy policy from time to time at Legacy Barn Company, LLC.'s sole discretion.

 Legacy Barn Company, LLC

Legacy Barn Company is very proud to present our customers with the highest quality structures on the market. We are so confident in quality of our buildings that we offer a standard 1-Year Warranty on Workmanship. We have provided a list of what is covered and what is excluded in our 1-Year Warranty. It is our goal that this information stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and value for our customers. We hope this information helps you to choose us for your Legacy.

What Is Covered

Any issues attributed to craftsmanship or workmanship will be repair or replaced at no cost to the customer.

Any material or supply defects found during the Warranty period will be, upon customer request, mitigated by Legacy Barn Company. This includes photographs, site inspections, meetings, phone calls, and other investigative operations or tasks on behalf of the customer, at no extra charge.

Craftsmanship/workmanship is defined by any task in performance of construction or erection of the building, by an employee or sub-contractor of Legacy Barn Company. Any errors either of willful or gross negligence that results in substandard construction or deviation from design, which lowers the quality or integrity of the building, will be repaired or replaced at no extra cost to the customer.

Legacy Barn Company's 1/2-Year Workmanship Warranty does not supersede nor negate the Manufacturer's Warranty on supplies or material, unless such craftsmanship/workmanship invalidates such warranty, through improper or incorrect installation. Any and all occurrences of such will result in the repair or replacement of the affected materials and supplies, at no extra cost to the customer.

Any issues that the customer believes are a result of defective materials will be investigated by Legacy Barn Company. Once the investigation has been concluded and the final results do indicate a manufacturer’s defect, Legacy Barn Company will repair or replace the defective materials and associated building components at no additional charge to the customer. The customer has the right to, at any point during the construction phase of the Legacy Project, notify Legacy Barn Company management that an employee or contractor of Legacy Barn Company is compromising the quality and integrity of the project in any way. Please contact, Legacy Barn Company through e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone (918.822.7760 or 918.458.0827) to have an investigation launched immediately to correct or resolve the issue. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What Is Not Covered

Any Acts of Vandalism, Violence, Negligence (willful or gross), Arson, Improper Care/Maintenance, or Damages by Natural Forces / Acts of God.


Any items in the building that are damaged by fault, pestilent infestations, leaks, wind or exposure forces as a result of substandard workmanship or material defects will not be repaired or replace by Legacy Barn Company.


 Legacy Barn Company at no time expresses or implies any such warranty beyond a Manufacturer's Warranty for "Material Only Packages" or "Kits". Legacy Barn Company neither expressed nor implied shall warranty any building that was not purchased through Legacy Barn Company, all warranty claims must be accompanied by (A) certificate of warranty issued and signed by Legacy Barn Company, LLC. or by (B) Proof of Purchase


Any injury sustained or further damage incurred, during an unauthorized attempt to repair or replace any materials due to substandard workmanship or material defects, by the customer or by others, is at the sole responsibility and liability of the customer. All warranty replacement or repairs are to be done by a Legacy Barn Company employee, contractor, or authorized sub-contractor. Failure to adhere to this will invalidate any warranty by Legacy Barn Company, or any claim for warranty to Legacy Barn Company



Any additions, modifications, or damage by the customer or by other parties will void the warranty in part or in whole. All Manufacturer's Warranty guidelines are to be followed. Any deviation from this standard may result in the invalidity of this warranty and/or that of the Manufacturer's Warranty.

Legacy Barn Company at no time expresses or implies any such warranty or warranty coverage against setteling. and damages or repairs of damage due to setteling, such instances are at the customers expense. Legacy Barn Company recomends using a compatent excevation company to build an adequate Dirt Pad to limit the possibility of settling. 

No part of this warranty, expressed or implied constitutes an insurance policy for the building. At no time shall this warranty be construed as an acceptable means for causation or effectual remediation of incurred costs for associated damages related to, but not limited to, workmanship or material defects.


At no time shall any opening(s) of a Legacy Barn Company Post-Frame Building, which has been requested to be exposed, be warrantied longer than 1 Year without protective sheathing, such as, but not limited to, post trim or other trim(s) where applicable or coating applied by Legacy Barn Company or by the customer within 60 days of installation. Legacy Barn Company will not cover by warranty, coatings or trimmings by other parties. Overhead Door, Walk-in door, or Window frame outs, in the instance of the door or window is to be provided by others or by the customer will only be covered by warranty for 60 days. After 60 days of exposure by "the elements" to the exposed lumber/materials, the warranty shall be invalid in part or in whole. Open-Sided Sheds, such as, but not limited to, Lean to Sheds where unprotected materials are exposed to the forces of nature or "the elements" for prolonged periods of time cannot be warrantied longer than 1 year.


Any Legacy Barn Company Post-Frame Building that is purchased as a "Special" or a building designated as a "American Traditions Series" building are not eligible for the standard 2-Year Warranty. Legacy Barn Company at no time expresses or implies any such warranty beyond a Manufacturer's Warranty for "Material Only Packages" or "Kits". Legacy Barn Company neither expressed or implied shall warranty any building that was not purchased through Legacy Barn Company, all warranty claims must be accompanied by (A) certificate of warranty issued and signed by Legacy Barn Company, or by (B) Proof of Purchase





By signing the "Contract", the customer acknowledges the aforementioned warranty conditions, and that no other statements expressed or implied negate the contents and conditions of this "Warranty Policy."


 Returns will only be accepted under the following circumstances: 

A building under contract is canceled after materials have been delivered.

        (additional fees for cancellation may still apply)


  1. A $50 charge will be assessed for all return checks.
  2. A $100 charge will be assessed for all stop payments.
  3. No returns on material only packages. 
  4. All custom building sales are final.
  5. Once construction has began no returns will be accepted.
  6. No returns will be accepted on installed items.
  7. No returns will be accepted on custom or special ordered items. 
  8. Materials left behind by the builder will not be accepted for return.
  9. Cull, waste, or other scrapped materials will not be accepted for return.
  10. 25% Deposit is Non Refundable.
  11. No returns of material after 7 days uncovered, 30 days under proper cover.
  12. A charge of 35% will be assessed on all materials accepted for return.
  13. No returns on items/materials in the following conditions:


  •      Broken or busted bundles/packaging
  •      Weathered Items or other deteriorating items
  •      Cut / Modified
  •      Rusted/oxidized
  •      Darkened lumber or sun faded metal
  •      Damaged or mishandled 
  •      Painted or vandalized
  •      Moisture soaked/saturated
  •      Showing signs of ground contact for more than 96 hours (4 days)
  1. All returns must be in un-opened original bundles/packaging.
  2. All returns must have been adequately covered or stored to be approved for return.
  3. All returns must be inspected and approved before a credit can be issued.
  4. Credit on approved returns will be sent via certified carrier in the the form of a check. 
  5. No Credits will be payed out in the form of debit and/or credit cards, direct deposit, money order or wire transfer.
  6. All returns must be accompanied by a full bill of lading reflecting the item inventory that is to be returned.
  7. All returns must be accompanied by a return materials authorization form.
  8. Credit will be issued within 90 days after Legacy Barn Company receives, inspects, and approves the items for credit.
  9. Customer returning items will pay freight and pick up fee, at the time of arrival of the truck at the point of pick up.
  10. Pick up fee for bundled material is $500. Freight per mile is $4.50. Local pickups (anything 50 miles or less from Tahlequah, Ok.) will result in a flat freight fee of $225.
  11. Any items may be denied loading if they cannot be secured properly to the freight vehicle. No credit will be issued for those items.
  12. If one item within a bundle or a package is determined to be non-returnable then the whole package or bundle maybe considered non returnable.
  13. This policy excludes warrantied items on completed buildings. No monetary refund will be given in the case of a warranty issue when an exchange will suffice.
  14. Original freight bill for the initial delivery or "monies" applied will not be refunded.

This policy is subject to change at anytime without notice. All decisions are based on a case by case basis, therefore, all decisions regarding returns are made at the sole discretion of Legacy Barn Company, LLC. 




At Legacy Barn Company we believe in the power of friendship.

Your support of Legacy Barn Company and our mission is important to us. To say "thank you", we are offering a referral program to reward you for your support.


For a Limited time only, when you refer someone to us and who purchases a building, we will give you either $100 cash* or a $200 discount towards the purchase of a Legacy Barn Company Post Frame Building.* It's your choice. Just make sure they tell us you sent them! Soon we will be announcing other "loyalty" rewards for your support. Check back with us often for details. You won't want to miss it! Thanks again for your support.

*Some limitations may apply. Offer valid only upon completion of referred party's project. For more information on the limitations of our rewards program please contact us at 1.855.900.BARN or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At Legacy Barn Company, we believe that word of mouth is a very strong and time tested form of marketing. It's hard to deny that most companies in our industry rely on word of mouth to bolster their business reputation. Being a new company, we face marketing challenges; one of them being a short history of customer base. Now reputation can be just as negative as it could be positive.  Our goal is to present our customers with the best, and we mean absolute BEST customer service in this industy. Naturally with time, we hope to emerge with a solid customer base, a shining reputation, and a long history in the industry that deserves recognition of quality, value, and ethics. That is why we are encouraging you to tell as many friends, family, neighbors and co-workers that we are in town and we are here to stay! We want to welcome you to follow us on social media. Even if you're not that handy with computers or technology, we will be happy to assist you any way we can.

Times are changing, word of mouth has a new pulpit. Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google are just some of the many social media sites that reach millions of people every minute. We believe social media can be a powerful tool to help grow a small business like ours. More importantly, someone you may know, may need a trusted friend to help them find us!

Help us spread the word.

Thank for your time, and thank you for considering Legacy Barn Company.

Like us on Facebook and other social media for news, events, special discounts, promotions and more!

Please Click the icons on the top right of any screen on www.legacybarnco.com to visit us on our Social Media Sites.


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Our Company


Legacy Barn Company is a family-owned, small business guided by a unique set of core values; Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity. As we are guided by our principals we continue to grow a little more every day, by striving and staying centered to them, we are oriented towards success. Our friendly and professional staff have a long history in the industry. Throughout the years we have learned that to be successful we MUST be committed to our values and dedicated to our customers. We are dedicated to meeting your specific needs and we are here to help you every step of the way, from concept to completion.   


We are located in the heart of the post-frame industry in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. We are currently serving the state of Oklahoma, and select areas of Texas and Missouri. We are aggressively marketing in Kansas, while continually working to expand our service area to those additional states and regions within the upcoming year. For more up-to-date information on our current service areas please click here.


Our Commitment


    Our commitment is not just about a quality structure, options, customizations, deadlines and contracts. It is about setting new standards in excellence, and customer care. Meeting your expectations and specific needs, while rising beyond them to provide you with a structure that will stand testament of a customer service experience that will change the industry. 


   No matter the project size or complexity we are committed to you, and we hope you put our commitment to the test by choosing us to build your "Legacy."


Our Products


Our products allow you to customize your building as much as you desire from the size, layout, numerous colors and options. The possibilities are endless! When you are in the market for a residential garage, horse barn, agricultural building, hay barn, storage building, commercial buildings or a workshop. The possibilities are truly endless!  We will provide you with a high quality building that is guaranteed to add beauty and value to your lifestyle.


Our People


We are your statesmen, your neighbors, and your friends. We are small town Americans, just like you. We don't like being treated like a number, we have names and so do you. Like most Americans, we fight every day for everything we have and we understand this economy is hard. We want to be the best solution for you; while saving you money, without sacrificing safety or quality.

Service Area

Click to see our interactive Service Area Map

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