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A member that is attached to a structural framing member such that the cross-section of the two adjoined members forms a tee.


A wood member which binds a pair of principal rafters at the bottom.

Tie-down block

A framing member used to attach a roof truss/rafter to a girder.


Driving nails at an angle into corners or other joints.


Carpentry joint in which the jutting edge of one board fits into the grooved end of a similar board.

Top Girt

The highest girt. A top girt to which both roof and wall sheathing are attached is known as an eave strut.

Track board

A member to which a sliding door track is directly attached.

Track board support

A structural framing member that is used to support a track board.


The horizontal part of a stair step.

Truss (Wood Trusses)

A structural framework, generally two-dimensional (i.e. planar), whose members are almost always assembled to form a series of inter-connected triangles. Perimeter members of the assembly are called truss chords and interior members are called truss webs.

Truss girder

A wood truss that functions as a girder. Top and bottom chords of a truss girder are generally parallel.

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