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Term Definition
Mechanically-laminated post (or mechlam post)

Post consisting of suitably selected sawn lumber laminations or structural composite lumber (SCL) laminations joined with nails, screws, bolts, and/or other mechanical fasteners.

Metal plate connected wood truss (MPCWT)

A truss composed of wood members joined with metal connector plates (also know as truss plates). Metal connector plates (MCP) are light-gage, toothed steel plates. The most common type of light wood truss.

Moisture Barrier

Treated paper or metal that retards or bars water vapor, used to keep moisture from passing into walls or floors.


A large structure rising above the surrounding roof planes, designed to give light and/or ventilation to the building interior.

Monolithic Slab

Foundation formed from or composed of a single material; seamless.


Slender framing which divides the lights or panes of windows

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