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A member that is attached to a structural framing member such that the cross-section of the two adjoined members forms an el.


Large, heavy screws, used where great strength is required, as in heavy framing or when attaching ironwork to wood.

Lapped purlins

Two non-recessed purlins (i.e., purlins-on-edge, purlins-laid-flat, or notched purlins) that bypass each other where they are connected to the same truss/rafter.


A small addition with a single-pitched roof.


A piece of wood which is attached to a beam to support joists.

Light wood truss

A truss manufactured from wood members whose narrowest dimension is less than 5 nominal inches. Wood members include solid-sawn lumber, structural composite lumber, and glulams. Members may be connected with metal connector plates (MCP), bolts, timber connectors, and screwed- or nailed-on plywood gusset plates.


The top piece over a door or window which supports walls above the opening.


A short member in an eave overhang that connects the sub-fascia and wall. Generally used to support soffit. Unlike a rafter extension, a lookout is not used to structurally support purlins or eave sub-fascia.

Lot Line Change, Adjustment

The alteration, movement, or shifting of a lot line for an existing lot.

Lot Line Creation

The initial establishment of a lot line for a new lot.      


An opening with horizontal slats to permit passage of air, but excluding rain, sunlight and view.

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