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Hay door

 A door near the top of a barn through which hay is loaded into the loft.

Hay hood

An extension of the ridge of a barn roof which protects or supports pulley attachments used to load hay into the loft.

Framing member at the top of a window, door or other framed opening. In general, any framing member that ties together the ends of adjacent framing members and may or may not be load bearing.
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Heavy timber truss

A truss manufactured from wood members whose narrowest dimension is equal to or greater than 5 nominal inches. Wood members include solid-sawn timber, structural composite lumber, and glulams. Members generally connected with steel gusset plates that are bolted in place.


The end of a rafter that rests on the wall plate.


The external angle formed by the juncture of two slopes of a roof.

Hip Roof

A roof that slants upward on three or four sides.

Hybrid primary frame

Primary frame assembled with both open-web trusses and solid-web members for roof support.

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