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Gambrel Roof

A roof with two pitches, designed to provide more space on upper floors. The roof is steeper on its lower slope and flatter toward the ridge.

Ganged wood truss

A truss designed to be installed as an assembly of two or more individual light wood trusses fastened together to act as one.


A large, generally horizontal, beam. Commonly used in post-frame buildings to support trusses whose bearing points do not coincide with a post. Frequently function as headers over large door and window openings.

Girder truss

Truss designed to carry heavy loads from other structural members framing into it. Frequently a ganged wood truss.


A member attached (typically at a right angle) to posts. Girts laterally support posts and transfer loads between any attached wall sheathing and the posts.

Girt spacing

On-center vertical spacing of girts.


Fitting glass into windows or doors.

Glued-laminated post (or glulam post)

Post consisting of suitably selected sawn lumber laminations joined with a structural adhesive.

Grade beam

A corrosion and decay resistant beam located on the soil surface. Also a long, thickened, and more heavily-reinforced portion of a slab-on-grade foundation.

Grade girt

A bottom girt located at grade. May also function as a splash plank.

Grade line (grade level)

The line of intersection between the building exterior and the finished ground surface and/or top of the pavement in contact with the building exterior.

Green Lumber

Lumber which has been inadequately dried and which tends to warp or "bleed" resin.


A brace or bracket used to strengthen a structure.


A channel at the eaves for conveying away rain water.

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