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Fascia purlin

A purlin that helps form the fascia of a building. Also known as an edge purlin.

Field fastener

A sheathing-to-framing connector that is not located along the sides or ends of a structural sheathing panel.


The period of time that an opening protective will maintain the ability to confine a fire as determined by tests prescribed in Section 715. Ratings are stated in hours or minutes


Noncorrosive metal used around angles or junctions in roofs and exterior walls to prevent leaks.

Floor level

Elevation of the finished floor surface. In the absence of a finished floor, the floor level is taken as the elevation of the bottom edge of the bottom girt. In buildings with stemwall foundations and no finished floor, floor level is taken as the elevation of the unfinished floor.

Fly rafter

Rafter at the rake overhang that is supported out from the endwall by rake purlins.


Foundation component at the base of a post, pier or wall that provides resistance to vertical downward forces. When a footing is located below grade and properly attached to a post, pier or wall, it aids in the resistance of lateral and vertical uplift forces.

Foundation depth

Vertical distance from the grade line to the bottom of the foundation. Typically the vertical distance from the ground surface to the base of the footing. Also known as foundation embedment depth.

Frame spacing

On-center horizontal spacing of primary frames. Frame spacing may vary within a building. Also known as bay width.


A term used in shipping to refer to the place where the buyer becomes responsible for the shipment and the shipping charges.

Fully recessed purlin

Recessed purlin whose top edge aligns with or is below the top edge of the trusses/rafters to which it is connected.

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