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Eave girder

Girder located at the eave of a building.

Eave height

Vertical distance between the floor level and the eave line.

Eave line

Line formed by the intersection of the plane formed by the top edge of the purlins and the plane formed by the outside edge of the sidewall girts.

Eave overhang distance

Horizontal distance from the eave line to the outside of the subfacia.

Eave purlin

A purlin located at the eave line of a building. An eave purlin to which both wall and roof sheathing are attached is known as an eave strut.

Eave strut

An eave purlin to which both wall and roof sheathing are attached, or a top girt to which both wall and roof sheathing are attached. Simultaneous attachment of an eave strut to both wall and roof sheathing generally provides the strut with effective continuous lateral support to resist bending about both primary axes.

Edge fastener

A sheathing-to-framing connector that is located along the sides or ends of a structural sheathing panel.

Edge purlin

A purlin in the most outer row of purlins. All fascia purlins are edge purlins but not all edge purlins are fascia purlins.

Embedded pier

A relatively short column embedded in the soil to provide support for an above-grade post, beam, wall, or other structure. Piers include members of any material with assigned structural properties such as solid or laminated wood, steel, or concrete. Embedded piers differ from embedded posts in that they seldom extend above the lowest horizontal framing element in a structure, and when they do, it is often no more than a couple decimeters.


An exterior wall oriented parallel to individual primary frames.

Endwall diagonal brace

A framing member used to transfer load from an endwall to the roof plane. Generally used above large endwall openings or where an endwall post is not continuous from grade to the rake (e.g., an endpost is terminated near the bottom chord of an endwall truss).

Endwall frame

Consists of endwall posts and the attached endwall truss or rake rafters.

Endwall post

Post located in an endwall. 5.1.7 Sidewall post: Post located in a sidewall. 5.1.8 Corner post: Post that is part of both a sidewall and an endwall.

Expandable endwall

Endwall frame designed with the load-bearing capability of an interior frame (i.e. primary frame) so it can serve as an interior frame when the building is expanded.

Exterior girt

A girt located entirely on the outside of posts. Also known as an outset girt.

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